Our Alumwin doors and windows use high-quality handle hardware that features sharp lines with subtle curves, which provides a multi-faceted feeling.

Aluminum Anti-Scratch Screen Mesh

Our Aluminum Screens surpass alternatives in durability, offering robust protection and peace of mind. Resistant to cutting and breakthrough, they provide an added layer of security, even when doors or windows are open. Withstanding harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, and snow, these screens are built to last.

Aluminum screens ensure good airflow and visibility, keeping homes well-ventilated and bathed in natural light. While offering protection against insects and pests, they boast corrosion, rust, and heat resistance, requiring minimal maintenance.

Upgrade your home with the unbeatable strength and durability of Aluminum Screens, striking a perfect balance between function and style.

Magnetic Control Blinds

Our magnetic control blinds are customized to perfectly fit within the gap between glass panes, offering numerous advantages.

THe blinds are shielded from dust, debris, and damage as they are securely installed between two panes of glass, requiring minimal upkeep. They eliminate cords and entanglement risks and ensure a safer environment for children and pets. Protected between glass layers, they are less suspectible to damage from daily activities.

Ensure the sleek and modern look, as the blinds remain hidden from view when not in sue. This attractive option is perfect for homeowners seeking both functionality and elegance, especially those with.

Switchable Glass (Smart Glass)

We offer switchable glass embedded with and electrochromic device (ECD). This cutting-edge electrochromic technology allows you to switch the glass from transparent to frosted at your command, giving you complete control over your space’s privacy and visibility. Enjoy unobstructed views and abundant natural light when transparent, and create a secluded sanctuary when frosted.

Ideal for office spaces, bathrooms, and conference rooms, ECD Foggy Glass enhances comfort, security, and aesthetics.

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Aluminum Profiles

Our aluminum frame has a robust, surdy structure that provides outstanding resistance to wind and an withstand weathering without compromising durability.


Paint Coating

Our spray-painted aluminum frames have rust and corrosion-preventing coatings for enhanced longevity.


Thermal Break

Our aluminum frame feature a thermal break technique that effectivily reduces heat transfer between interior and exterior frames.



Our insulated glass units are CCC tempered class, with double or triple layers options and 98% argon gas fillings.



We incorporate a corner cleat that is injected into our frames to ensure a tight and secure seal against air leakage.


Metal screen mesh

We upgraded to metal meshes, which are more durable and scratch-resistant, providing an additional layer of protection and security.


Multi-point lock

Our multi-point lock system is intricately installed to maximize protection.


Aluminum Handle

Equipped high-quality aluminum handle provides convenience and adds a contemporary aesthetic.


Embedded Blinds

We offer an excellent option for installing blinds between glass plates for a space-saving and low-maintenance option.


Energy Efficiency

Our window structures have been tested and certified by both NFRC and Energy Star.



Our commitment to the local community, we have invested in local facilities for manufacturing and assembly of our products.



We offer a complimentary in-house consultation and take precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit and design.

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