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KaiLi is a well-established Canadian company that has been designing and manufacturing windows and doors for over five years. We focus on delivering high-quality windows and door systems that offer excellent value to our customers. We specialize in creating custom-sized windows and doors in Ontario, ensuring that we maintain consistent quality and timely delivery. Furthermore, we stand behind the quality of our products by providing and outstanding 10-year limited warranty. This warranty is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch products.


Aluminum materials are stronger than vinyl and PVC materials which allows for thinner frames and more glass area. Due to its strength, aluminum materials are extremely durable therefore most aluminum products can loast for more than 50 years

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Whether its for outdoors or inddors, aluminum doors are very durable and withstanding of consistent use. We are proud to offer a wide variety of options that can all be custom sized to meet your need.

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Sunroom and Enclosure

Sunrooms and Solariums are the perfect solutions for enjoying the outdoor scenery while being in the comfort of indoor environments. Our team has extensive experience constructing four-season sunrooms.

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Our full aluminum railing provides an innovative, attractive, and safe solution. It can be used in a variety of settings, from residential to creating a restaurant outdoor dining area, to barriers for community events. We use high-quality aluminum alloys that do not rust or rot, which are both dependable and durable.

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Our aluminwin doors and windows use high-quality handle hardware that features shartp lines with subtle curves, which provides a multi-faceted feeling.

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Discover the benefits we offer


Aluminum Profiles

Our aluminum frame has a robust, surdy structure that provides outstanding resistance to wind and an withstand weathering without compromising durability.


Paint Coating

Our spray-painted aluminum frames have rust and corrosion-preventing coatings for enhanced longevity.


Thermal Break

Our aluminum frame feature a thermal break technique that effectivily reduces heat transfer between interior and exterior frames.



Our insulated glass units are CCC tempered class, with double or triple layers options and 98% argon gas fillings.



We incorporate a corner cleat that is injected into our frames to ensure a tight and secure seal against air leakage.


Metal screen mesh

We upgraded to metal meshes, which are more durable and scratch-resistant, providing an additional layer of protection and security.


Multi-point lock

Our multi-point lock system is intricately installed to maximize protection.


Aluminum Handle

Equipped high-quality aluminum handle provides convenience and adds a contemporary aesthetic.


Embedded Blinds

We offer an excellent option for installing blinds between glass plates for a space-saving and low-maintenance option.


Energy Efficiency

Our window structures have been tested and certified by both NFRC and Energy Star.



Our commitment to the local community, we have invested in local facilities for manufacturing and assembly of our products.



We offer a complimentary in-house consultation and take precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit and design.

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