Alumwin is a leading manufacturer of windows and doors. We specialize in the production and installation of door and window system for a wide array of residential and commercial application. The modern design of the aluminum doors and windows are built to our client's exact specifications and exemplify the perfect balance of aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency; and we aim to meet the satisfaction of all our clientele. 

We equipped with an efficient manufacturing line operated by our skilled staff, and we currently serve a board customer base of contractors, distributors and walk-in clients. 

You can find the best window and door system only at Alumwin. The best insulation, low emissivity and air-tightness values can be achieved through the Alumwin's windows and doors. The High-grade aluminum with advanced thermal break delivers excellent thermal performance which enhance energy savings. Alumwin, with the highest standard standards of energy efficiency allows homeowners significantly outweigh energy output. 


Alumwin also carries the European style tilt and turn windows, which are built to provide the best aesthetics and functionality in terms of creating a wider opening for better views and improved ventilation. Our lift and slide patio doors are crafted for easy operation with lift and slide mechanism, as well as folding system. The structurally-sound aluminum windows also provide extra security with incredible strength and durability.


Adhering to the principle that customer satisfaction is key to our continued success, we strive to meet the needs and wants of each unique client and project. Alumwin offers affordable customization in respect to size, style, texture and color to our clients. Multiple glazing options are also available to meet specific requirements. Our trained and certified installers are committed to deliver highest quality and superb craftsmanship. 

If you think you may be interested in having Alumwin work on your project, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


       Aluminum profile is aluminum bar through hot melt,extrusion,so as.to get different cross-section shape of aluminum materials.

       The production process of aluminum profile mainly includes three processes:casting,extrusion and coloring.

       Strong plasticity,metal material.light weight,high strength ,good airtight performance,stronger air tightness,water tightness,heat insulation and sound insulation.

        Long service life,high strength,good corrosion resistance,small deformation,strong fire resistance.


      Paxdon is a brand owned by XingFa Aluminum,specializing in aluminum  doors,windows,sun rooms,railings and other products.

       Mainly using XingFa aluminum products,relying on Xingfa in the aluminum industry has accumulated 35 years of product system,with high quality service quality,professional technical force and safe installation environment,to provide different users with higher and better aluminum products,committed to creating Canadian high quality aluminum doors and windows.

Energy Star

        Energy Star is a U.S. government-led Energy conservation program focused on consumer electronics.The Energy Star program was started by the Us Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and US Department of Energy(DOE) in 1992 to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.The plan has since been adopted by Australia,Canada,Japan,Taiwan,New Zealand and the European Union. The program is voluntary,and Energy Star standards typically use 20 to 30 precent less energy than U.S. federal Standards.

National Fenestration Rating Council

        NFRC stangds for American Association for The Classification of Doors and Windows.It manages a unified, independent rating and labeling system for the energy consumption performance of Windows,Doors,Skylights and ancillary products.The goal is to provide fair, accurate, and reliable energy consumption performance levels.

        Product requirements include:heat transfer coefficient, solar thermal acquisition coefficient, light transmittance, air leakage, condensation resistance, etc.

         NFRC also requires an audit of the manufacturer's quality control system.


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